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For Sale -

I currently have some very nice White Call ducks available and will have White Wyandotte and White Call duck hatching eggs available Spring of 2019
I typically have Wyandotte and Call duck eggs available from March to June . Shipping cost for eggs is  $19.45 dollar flat rate shipping fee for 3 dozen or  less eggs.

I prefer to sell a minimum quantity of 12 newborn chicks for warmth during shipping but can send you less if you want started chicks. Newborn wyandoote chicks are $25 each and started chicks are the same price but shipping is a little more.  The reason I offer started chicks is for people who just want to purchase a few. With proper rearing and conditioning you should do "extremely well" with these birds as I supply birds to many nationally known breeders. Feel free to check in with me no matter what time of year on what I may have available. 

Adult birds in White Calls, White Wyandotte bantams and Blue Laced Red wyandotte bantams are available in the Fall of each year,

Some Savechicks getting ready for delivery . I ship day old and started chicks all over the United States and ducklings based on availibility

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