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Call Ducks  - I started into White Calls in 2005 with birds from Art Lundgren. After the original trio I purchased from Art I added birds from Dennis Fuller (David Touchette line), Josh Simon, Scott Hawkins (A few tremendous females), and Cierae Endsley (Charley Hodum line) . After many challenging years of hit and miss hatching I had a tremendous breakthrough year in 2010 hatching out 38 plus birds and my first one by Easter. My goal is to produce a vigorous line of White Calls that have great fertility and hatchability and 2010 was a breakthrough year in that respect . In 2011 and 2012 I added some tremendous select few birds from David Touchette, James Monk, and Dustin Wilson (Art Lundgren line) and Cierae Endsley (Charlie Hodum line) which I believe has launched my line into one of the finest flocks on the West Coast.  Currently I believe I am well on my way to producing "extreme" call ducks with great heads, eyes, and width of body The most important goal I have accomplished with much encouragement and mentoring by the likes of Dennis Fuller and others is birds that are highly fertile, vigorous, with great reproduction ability.
2009 flock  check out heads, necks, and type on these gorgeous chubby little creatures

My 2009 flock of Calls this years hatch and some older birds having a good time playing around a leaky hose getting muddy and having fun. Check out the gorgeous heads, chubby cheeks and eyes and type on these guys.

2008 White Call young and old drakes
2008 Young males with Art the patriarch of my flock on the left.

Beautiful young white female bred by my friend  Dennis Fuller of  Iowa. Dennis has helped me improve by line of calls by sending me some birds from the David Touchette line a few years back

Many time Champion gorgeous White Call male named Art who was purchased from Art Lundgren I believe in 2006 and is the foundation of my line.

Super Grand Champion of Show PNPA Fall show  2009  - Shown by my good friend Andrea Bruce

Every now and then you get a duckling like the 2010 Pen 3 hatched duckling and everything seems worth it. This duckling is from my highly fetlie, great hatching David Touchette line that I purchased two drakes and a pullet from Dennis Fuller a few years back.

Beautiful James Monk male. I introduced his bloodline into my flock in 2011 and they are lovely birds.  I love them as much as my Touchette line . 

Some of my 2010 young calls enjoying a salad after I mowed my lawn.

Di one of my foundation stock breeder females from the David Touchette line of bird. Very stout, wide bird with incredible head, eye, and body width. Note how short she is on her legs

Some of my 2010 hatched calls picture taken November 2010

One of my Art Lundgren line of breeder females 2nd or 3rd generation picture taken November 2010

David Touchette male foundation sire of my Line 3 string of calls
picture taken November 2010
Tremendous Dustin Wilson male (Art Lundgren line) that I introduced into my line in 2012. He has an amazing head and eye for a young cockerel and will improve on an already awesome line I started in 2005.
2012 hatched Cierae Endsley  drake and 2010 hatche female (Charlie Hodum line). The are magnificent, diminutive, showy calls that are near perfect.
2011 hatched female basking in the Autumn sun. She is out of my Art Lundgren line and is a producer of great ducklings
2012 hatched Touchette male basking in the October sun.  By far this is my most vigorous producing line. I love these birds and they reproduce like popcorn. This guy has a muddy beak from rummaging through the yard looking for tasty morsels.
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