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2009  A.B.A. Semi - Annual  Super Grand Champion   of Show by Dan Jerome
Hello and thank you to first time visitors to my website. I am a Grand Master breeder of exhibition poultry specializing in White Wyandotte bantams which I started raising over 50 years ago. I also breed and raise show quality White Call ducks and am in the process of developing the best line of Blue Laced Red  Wyandotte bantams in the country. The love of poultry has been a lifelong passion of mine since I was a small boy feeding my Italian grandmothers chickens for the first time. I have been a lifetime member of the American Bantam Association in which I also served as a 3 term Director of District 14 serving the fine residents in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho,and Wyoming. I  also served as District 9 Director of the National Call Duck Breeders of America.  As well I was a lifetime member of the American Poultry Association and the Washington Feather Fanciers in which I currently served 2 terms as President. 

Most importantly though I have had a lifelong passion for poultry and may be able to assist you because I have access to the best lines of poultry, waterfowl, gamebirds, and cage birds from most of the best breeders in the Nation.

Please feel free to call or text me at 253-830-4510 . In addition to calling or texting you may also contact me via email  danieljerome11@hotmail.com for information and availability of  eggs, chicks, ducklings and adult birds. I love helping people get started in this wonderful hobby or helping existing breeders improve the quality of their flocks

NPIP FLOCK # 91-134

                                                     Website updated 02-17-20-2013


Here are some pictures of my poultry as well as pictures of a few of the other birds I have access to from friends in the Fancy:

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